Promoting Organic Gardening, Composting and Sustainability

About Us


Our goal is to eliminate the concept of “waste” and render the term obsolete.

We would like to help those interested in reducing their GHG emissions and growing fresh organic produce close the loop by converting their kitchen/table scraps to Vermicompost that will grow beautiful organic produce that will return to the table.

BugaBay Company is a family owned business involved and dedicated to facilitating greenhouse gas and pollution reduction through Vermicomposting, organic gardening, recycling, reuse, and sustainability practices with innovative products and information that keep it simple.

Vermitech Specialist Todd Spratt has researched and implemented composting, organic gardening and sustainability technologies for over 36 years. Todd and Teresa owned and operated Blue Belly Farm a large scale Worm Farm/Organic Farm in Northern California where they produced and sold hundreds of yards of top quality, high grade organic Worm Castings and Red Worms nation wide and sold organic produce to local markets.

Todd has designed large and small scale Vermicomposting systems for County faciliies, Schools, Farmers and the public. Teresa, Todd and their young son JaNoah Spratt have donated countless hours educating and training County Officials, Educators, Master Gardeners, Schools, Farmers and the public about the value and process of generating Worm Castings by Vermicomposting organic waste for growing produce and vegitation Organically and Sustainably.

Todd, Teresa and JaNoah have sold their business in California, moved to Washington State and started BugaBay which is focused mainly on solving the organic waste challenge at home, the point of origin. This is one piece of the climate change puzzle we can offer as a solution. With your help we can close the loop.