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Organic Gardening, Composting and Sustainability.



Whether your a residence, gardener, farmer, school, business, public or commercial facility. If you generate organic waste we can design a Vermicomposting System to fit your needs.

With over 35 years of Vermiculture, Vermicomposting and organic gardening expertise, Vermitech Specialist Todd Spratt will develop a plan to help you deal with your green waste responsibly and efficiently. Recycling is cost effective.

Recycling is Smart Business.

Vermitech Specialist, Todd Spratt has designed Vermicomposting Systems for Institutions, Schools, Farms and Home Owners. One of which converts 22 tons of cafeteria food waste to Castings per year.

The castings are then used on site to grow organic produce for the inmates of the facility.

Spratt has worked with Public Officials, Educators, Master Gardeners and the Public to promote composting and organic gardening method.

The byproduct of your recycling efforts, worm casting can be used on site for landscapes, gardens, trees, shrubs, given away or sold.

Any gardener can tell you the value of Earthworm Castings or just search the web for pricing and discover for yourself the VALUE of Casting$. The time has come when we all need to contribute to the sustainability of our planet. This is another way you can participate. 

By recycling your organic waste on site you will greatly reduce your carbon footprint and $ave money while creating the finest organic soil amendment available Worm Castings!