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Composting Red Worms


We recommend that you start with 4 pounds of Red Worms when using a BugaBay Worm Box. Four pounds will get your Vermicomposting System up and running quickly and efficiently.

               Live Delivery Guarantied.

Red Worms ship on Mon. & Tues. via USPS Priority Mail.

Do Not order your Red Worms until you have viewed theGARBAGE TO GOLD” DVD and your BUGABAY WORM BOX is in place.

You will want to dump your Red Worms in the Worm Box as soon as possible after they arrive.

These Red Worms (Eisenia fetida) are the best composting 

Earthworms. Under ideal conditions they can eat up to one and a 

half times their body weight in a 24 hour period and convert it to 

the finest organic soil amendment there is, Worm Castings!                            

Now that’s hungry.

And they manage to keep their slender figures. How do they do it?  

Priority Shipping for Red Worms Included in Price

1 POUND RED WORMS                      $30.00

2 POUNDS RED WORMS                    $55.00

4 POUNDS RED WORMS                    $105.00

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