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BugaBay In-Ground Cedar Worm Box


The BugaBay In-Ground Cedar Worm Box is perfect for the back yard gardener/recycler. Made of natural, renewable cedar this unit is attractive durable and efficient. The simple design makes it easy to use, and this unit will pump out mounds of Worm Castings for your yard and gardens.


Dimensions are 48”L x 24”W x 21”H and require some basic assembly. Weights Aprox. 30 lb.

Cedar breathes, plastic doesn’t. The BugaBay In-Ground Cedar Worm Box has no bottom which allows excess moister to drain away. The “GARBAGE TO GOLD” DVD will explain in simple terms how to use this wonderful Vermicomposting System.

The BugaBay In-Ground Cedar Worm Box ships in a 2’x4’x 6” container and weights about 30 lb.

You should start this size Worm Box with 4 lb. of Red Worms.

Do not order your Red Worms until you have watched the GARBAGE TO GOLD DVD and  followed the instructions.

Then order your Red Worms.

Other Bedding material not mentioned in the DVD that works well is a mix of wood shavings and horse manure that you can get for free from most stables. Aged is best and get it from the stable not the pasture.

BugaBay In-Ground Cedar Worm Box

& Garbage to Gold DVD                                    $135.00

Ground shipping included for US orders

Click on image for facts about Vermicomposting.

Click on image for info about Castings.


  1. *Made in the USA

  1. *Cedar is a renewable resource

  1. *100% Natural and biodegradable

*The BugaBay Worm Box is installed 

   outdoors not in the house or garage

  1. *The BugaBay Worm Box will convert

   hundreds of pounds of food waste to 

   casting per year

  1. *You don’t have to cut up you food scraps 

   just dump, cover you’re done

  1. *You will make mounds of Worm Castings

* You will be pleasantly surprised

             PLASTIC WORM BINS

*Made in China

  1. *Plastic is a non-renewable resource

  1. *Plastic, a petroleum based material

  1. *Plastic Bins are generally placed inside your home or garage

  1. *You can only convert a few pounds of food waste per week in a Stackable Worm Bin

  1. *You need to cut up your food waste in a plastic bin

  1. *You will make small amounts of Castings

* You may be disappointed with the results


                                    AND PLASTIC WORM BINS